Good things come in small packages.  The Edge for Scholars plans to offer nanocourses in some or all of the following topics.  These courses will require reading of current and future blog posts, various accountability measures and/or homework, and include a capstone assignment such as a quiz or writing your own blog post.  (More details to come.)  You’ll be able to include them as a resource in your career development award or training grant applications.

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The art of mentoring well, including best practices for both the mentee and mentor.

Grant Pacing
Project management techniques for getting your grant out the door in a sane and orderly fashion.

Career Development Award Proposal Development
For those writing a career development award (NIH K or other), this will teach you ways to approach sections specific to these awards, such as training plans, career development sections, and the RCR section.

K to R Transition
Avoid the K cliff by planning and preparing to make your transition to independence before your CDA funding runs out.

Lab/People/Budget Management
For those of you new to managing a research group, this will include tips, tricks, and best practices for making it all run smoothly.

Your Public Footprint
Using social media and other media to communicate well about your science.

How to Conference Well
Networking, presenting, posters and more–how to rock it at national meetings.

This will focus on individual proposal sections such as aims, approach, and innovation. (May be broken up into smaller, more focused courses.)

What other topics do you want nanocourses on?  Tell us in the comments!

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