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Via NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education, this discussion presents strategies for stress management as a biomedical scientist during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Human brains are wired with a negative bias [10:00 mark] so even good things (like a wedding) cause stress when they are new experiences.

  1. Setting healthy (emotional) boundaries [17:20]
  2. Controlling what you can [22:30]
  3. Helpful thoughts [26:25]
  4. Setting reasonable & realistic expectations [30:49]
  5. Separating “work” from “home” [36:25]
  6. Reducing information overload [38:38]
  7. Managing stress of differing beliefs [41:10]
  8. Tolerating uncertainty [43:10]
  9. Rest and relax [45:50]
  10. Reach out and connect with others [47:10]
  11. If nothing else… [48:23]

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