“Life begins at conception. This isn’t just a Biblical view — it’s affirmed by modern science and every unique human DNA schedule, which is present at conception.” – Mike Huckabee, August 6, 2016

The first stop on today’s schedule is a visit a place of political intrigue where climate change is still ‘hotly debated’, vaccines are contributing to autism and now, thanks to Mike Huckabee, DNA has a schedule.

For those who were hoping my science posse would be able to shed light on the importance of this “DNA Schedule” on reproductive biology, you need read no further. There is no DNA schedule. This is a sham. A hoax. A farce. To reference Supreme Court Justice Scalia, “Pure applesauce!”

One of the greatest scientific resources our government has shared with the world is PubMed. Pubmed is essentially the ‘Google’ for science literature. Funded from The United States National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, in less than a second you can type in “DNA schedule” and get….

“Quoted phrase not found” means there are zero documents that contain the phrase ‘DNA Schedule’ out of 23 million scientific documents.

To put that in perspective, putting the following terms into the database,

  • Cancer pulls 3,158,595 documents

  • Ear Wax – 1053

  • Unicorn – 106

  • Fairy Dust- 5

It’s shameful people making critical policy decisions have no idea what the words they are saying mean. And yet, I’m not here to shame. I’m here to help. I suggest that each candidate pulls together a health advisory group to bring them up to speed on basic medical and scientific facts. I don’t know a single academic that wouldn’t happily volunteer turn down an opportunity to help inform a politician even if they held totally different political opinions. You get to have any opinion you want, but don’t mistake them with science facts.

I’d suggest a dream team with a basic scientist, a health policy expert, a solid primary care doc, a physics guru and someone focusing on global health/infectious disease. That’s it. Toss academics a couple free pens, and a boxed lunch as well as a promise to visit to their campus to ongoing work in science, medicine and technology and you’d have experts volunteering like mad. For free. I would personally volunteer to vet all the ‘unicorn’ literature and boil it down to its essence.

Call me, Mr. Huckabee. We’ll talk unicorns and DNA schedules and get your science education squared away before you confuse the American people any further

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