What’s a researcher to do when a study section likes your grant, but you just keep failing to hit that fundable payline? Rather than using your old grant to dry your tears, buck up and head over to OnPAR, a new resource for the 85% of grants that go unfunded.

OnPAR helps organizations with a broad range of biomedical and other STEM interests (check them out here) pull in the best applicants and ideas that match their funding mission. A great alternative to hunting down foundations and reformatting your grant over and over, OnPAR site makes it easy.

How does this magic work, you ask? Head over, log in and set up a quick account. Fill out a form that takes five minutes (really!) and then upload your abstract, study section comments and scores. (Protip: Be sure you select a broad range of topics your research applies to, which will get it reviewed by more folks with bigger pots of money).

If you are invited to submit your full grant, you don’t have to reformat it or change anything. Just send it in. Voila!

No really, you should make them come true.

Funding organizations then reach out to you and talk about how your program fits with their mission and resources. By talking directly with companies and foundations, you get to choose how to meet your research goals and the organizations’ funding priorities. Bear in mind, few of these foundations are going to offer the buying power of an R01 budget, but funding via OnPAR offers a great alternative to sitting in your office with a bottle of wine and a printout of your grant to wipe your tears.

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Wanted to chime in to say that the process is extremely lean and quick. Don’t delay. Can get this done in less than 15 minutes. (And I’m slow.) 

Lean and quick FTW!!

Has anyone had clinical research funded through OnPar? It looks like these are primarily for basic/bench research?   

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