Friends, be quick like bunnies and head over to my favorite organization place in the world. The folks at Passion Planner are have a blow out sale on academic organizers. For FIVE STINKING DOLLARS you can get the best leather bound life planner you have ever had.

Every year, I hunt through, test out and figure out what academics need and inevitably circle back to Passion Planners. This is planner on crack and invariably every year dozens* of people thank me for twisting their arms into getting these amazing organizers.

More than just a paper organizer in a sweet binder, Passion Planners challenge you to set goals, break them into milestones and get them done. Use the two-page prompt questions at the end of each month to identify the best parts of your month, where you fell short and what you need to do better.

For folks who are visually inclined, there’s lots of ‘thought cloud’ areas. Gor buddies who like To Do Lists, they’ve got that as well. You like inspirational quotes? Check…those are around too. 

Passion Planners normally will run you $35 to $40 but I found a cool trick where if you buy an academic passion planner in December, they are marked down to $5. This planner will get you thru until summer when you can figure out if you want to invest in another 6 months by purchasing a yearly planner for, you guessed it, $5. I’m blowing your mind right now, right? A squirrel that is hilarious AND saves you money. And you’re listening to me. (You should really take some meds for that, which you can get with the $35 I just saved you.)

*Or at least two. 

Full disclosure, Edge for Scholars folks aren’t paid to endorse this product or any other product, but I totally am open to being bribed.

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