Are you an LGBTQI scientist and a great writer? We need you!

In June we are hosting blogs to celebrate Pride Month and your story matters! The more personal we make loss of rights, struggles and successes, the harder it is to deny a rightful place at the table. We’d love to have posts about:

    • The out and proud faculty and students– folks who fly their rainbow flags high. You’re our communities representatives, first line of defense when hugs and screams are needed. What’s that like? Empowering? Exhausting? All the things? Drop a blog on us.
    • What’s important in LGBTQI health research.  In your opinion, what are the biggest questions and issues to investigate right now?
    • The elders and the youngers – Generational gaps exist in what we expect from our colleagues, our country and our peers. Trainees – what are the stumbling blocks that have you seeing red? Old (but still fabulous)sters – how about sharing where you were at 10, 20 or even 30 years ago to give us a sense that we are progressing?
    •  The success stories – That time where you were able to get equal healthcare for your trans spouse or child? Lay that advice on us. We want to learn from your hard work.
    • The cocktail recipes – Not all battles end in success and you’re gonna need a good cocktail to take that edge off. Allies are welcome to post suggestions. 👉🏽 @doc_becca



There’s scads to blog on. Post your story on Edge for Scholars any time then look for us to highlight the heck of of it for Gay (Scientist) Pride Month in June. Here’s a quick lesson on how to post for those who aren’t WordPress savvy.


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