This is your chance to reflect on what you wish you (or others) had known at key points in your life or career. Pay it forward by sharing what you’ve learned in a blog here on Edge for Scholars. Content with the most traction (as measured by a weighted index of likes, views, and comments) will earn $250 for the author and $250 for their favorite science or STEMM advocacy organization. Blog posts from September 1 through October 31, 2019 will qualify for the Pay It Forward Contest.

What you wish you had known may cover any territory from introspective insights about career choices to life hacks or checklists for specific tasks (manuscript submission, grant budget management, etc), narratives of surprises in your personal journey, or self-care ideas to tongue-in-cheek lists of mistakes to avoid.

What you wish you had known can also speak to leaders, mentors, or others about blind spots that need improving, ideas for mentoring well, approaches to advancing diversity, new ways to support early career researchers, or priorities for reforming elements of academic life.

All original content that can be posted on electronic media is eligible including cartoons, animations, and videos. As with all Edge content, we will promote blogs submitted in social media and newsletters.

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How to Post on Edge for Scholars

  • Register and create a profile (use a pseudonym if desired)
  • Get started paying it forward

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Bring it on – your hard-earned wisdom may be the solution to someone else’s need.

*The Fine Print:

Prizes will be awarded if we receive a minimum of five eligible submissions which each have at least 250 views. The science or STEMM advocacy organization selected must have proof of non-profit status and serve a constituency beyond a single institution. Academic entities (universities, colleges, and school systems) are not eligible for the prize donations; nonprofits who assist educational institutions are eligible.

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