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Together we’ll dig into discussion of books selected for actionable intel like:

  • Simplifying work life to focus more effectively
  • Leading productive and energized research teams
  • Functioning well around and despite problem people
  • Social media and scientific communication

Conversations will be hosted in a private Facebook group. Our first selection, beginning June 15, is Atomic Habits by James Clear. This best seller is an exceptionally well-researched and practical guide to forming new habits incrementally and extinguishing those that don’t serve well. The concepts are suited to individuals and for generalization to teams.

See selected quotes and concepts from this NYT bestseller on GoodReads.

We’ll discuss a new book every 8 to 12 weeks. Moderator posts will prime elements of conversations, rolling out in the order of the book content. We welcome your recommendations of books that have been a strong influence on your career or larger life.

These are read-as-you-go conversations. No need to finish the book to jump in. Members may also post and moderators will approve posts. Be patient with us; we’re a small team.

To join the group:

  • Go to Edge Conversations
  • Review the Basic Conversational Standards
  • Request to be added to the group
  • Sit tight until Saturday, June 15, when we launch the conversation!

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