It’s easy to spot when people are lying to themselves—like when a co-worker confidently starts a huge project at 4:30, but has a 5pm deadline. “Who’s he kidding?” you might chuckle. But when you’re telling lies to yourself—well, that’s another story.

When it comes to productivity, you may think you have it mastered. You check tasks off your to-do list, multitask like the best of them, and stay insanely busy from morning until night. But it turns out, your so-called “productivity” may actually be a jumble of popular myths that make you think you’re getting more done than you actually are. Think you’re using your time wisely? Check out these four lies you might be telling yourself about being productive—and how you can free yourself from that false reality.

From LifeHacker: Four Lies You Tell Yourself About Productivity (And How to Stop)

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Lie #2 gets most of us: I’m a multitasking master. But NO ONE IS! We’re not wired that way. Click through to the link within the link about how multitasking can make you perform worse for some data about why we have to stop.

The advice to work in only one browser tab hurts me in my soul. I have 36 open right now in Firefox. But it does feel good every month or so when I decide I’m never actually going to read everything in those tabs and close them all down to start fresh…

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