Thank you all for the amazing roll out for the 5th Annual Darwins’ Balls Bracket Challenge for STEM Education. We had a CRAZY amount of success this year. Just for a little perspective, in the prior four years of doing this fun Twitter friends challenge we raised $11,000 and funded 20 projects.

All the projects are funded through DonorsChoose and projects were picked from all over the country in high poverty school districts.

This year, y’all out did yourselves. <Mentally insert a squirrel drum roll here…..>

You CRUSHED all prior years helping us raise $7,859 jaw dropping dollars and fund 17 projects….that’s like all our other years combined! 

We are particularly grateful to those folks who have zero knowledge of sportsball and were just great sports doing a charity bracket. (Don’t quit your day jobs! Love you!).

If you helped fund a project and got a teacher letter, we would love to feature it, so give us a shout out on the twitters @edgeforscholars.

And if you are feeling like you need some good karma, be sure to check out the last giant project we helped out with. Ms. Mcdonald’s kids in Ferguson, MO (yes, that Ferguson) need Chromebooks to be competitive and informated in their studies. Throw them some love if you can. 

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