NIH’s Center for Scientific Review recently put out a video briefing on 8 Ways to Successfully Navigate NIH Peer Review and Get an R01 Grant. It includes common pitfalls to avoid, how to find the best study section for your proposal, and what reviewers are looking for when they review.  There’s also extensive Q&A with a panel of expert reviewers.

No time to watch an hour-long video? Go straight to what you need with the links below:

Know the Path of a Successful Application

Avoid 8 Common Applicant Pitfalls

Help Direct Your Application to the Best Place for Review and Funding

Understand Who Your Reviewers Are

Know What Reviewers Are Looking for

Consider Advice Collected from NIH Reviewers and Staff

Benefit from New Investigator Opportunities

Ask the Right NIH Person for Help

Q&A Begins

More Resources

Avoiding Barriers Between Your Work and Your Reviewer

Three (Grant) Peeves in a Pod: Appearance Matters

Friendly Advice from Your NIH Grant Reviewer  

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